At SHEMROCK Primary Ara, we have well-planned and carefully structured surroundings for our children. We have very thoughtfully created an environment where the child can learn and enjoy at the same time. Along with the classrooms, we have well-trained facilitators who are dynamic and competent enough to make learning creative and enjoyable for our children. All this is accompanied with our Special Learning Areas such as Mini Zoo, Play House, Little Gym, Sand pit, etc., where our SHEMROCKites can learn and grow in their natural way. A few other facilities provided here are:

• Welcome Room – to settle the new Students
• Ultra-modern Interactive Classrooms – to let the child sit, interact, learn & share
• Activity Centre – to explain concepts in a play-way method
• Resource Centre – to provide audio-visual tools for joyful learning
• Computer / Robotic Room – to facilitate computer-aided learning resources
• Music & Dance Room – to develop the child’s musical and rhythmic talent
• Theatre Room – to boost the child’s confidence through stage exposure
• Child’s Creative Corner – to enhance the child’s imaginative & creative skills
• Celebration Room – to celebrate Birthdays, Festivals and other events
• Ball Pool – to encourage the child to play with friends and learn to share & care
• Indoor Play Area – to allow the child to play with interactive games & toys
• Outdoor Play Area – to let the child enjoy the various swings & slides
•Sports Activities – Badminton, Basket Ball, Football & Carrom


Transport Facility:
Located on the main road and in a very safe area, the school provides an easily accessible transport facility along with Non-AC Bus Service from the school.