About us

SHEMROCK Primary Ara, located in the state of Bihar, adjacent to the Police Line, is a well-designed child-friendly preschool situated in a very safe locality. We focus on taking our little ones on a journey, which is enjoyable, where learning is delightful in a congenial and pleasant atmosphere. Our aim is to create an environment where the kids come not because they have to but because they want to.

SHEMROCK Primary Ara offers bright and vibrant surroundings where the child can explore his best abilities. Our curriculum and methodologies are designed in such a way that learning happens naturally to our children. Moreover, the special facilities, innovative teaching methods, a host of co-curricular activities, small student-staff ratio are some of the other reasons why an increasing number of families are choosing SHEMROCK.

We heartily welcome you to help us create the beautiful future of your young ones in a beautiful and tender way!